Mac W was born from the reconnection of two like-minded, successful individuals.


Winston Watson worked hard over his career to develop a solid reputation and earn the trust of his business partners across the globe in the Commodity and Infrastructure development industries. Dennis Pitselis developed a strong reputation in the data collection world as a great operator who believes in the impact of corporate culture, the value of resource optimization and the essence of transparency.


Winston and Dennis started to recognize a few things as they re-acquainted. The first thing was that they had complementary business skill sets that could lead to building something special. The second thing they identified was that they share the same core belief; that is Family comes first. Further to that, they agree that the definition of this runs way deeper than their own immediate families. It includes the families of all stakeholders that they touch including the families of the employees who work for the companies which Mac W invests in. Through a lens of creating positive social impact, it includes everybody.


The two partners started to recognize a different way to look at the business of Commodities and Infrastructure. A more enlightened perspective. A look where humanity and social progress are an equal part of the ROI equation along with financial gain.

Why? Because they know that there is room for both.


Mac W is an exciting extension of Winston’s work through CRCR in the Commodities and Infrastructure space (both physical and technological), which re-invests earnings into companies that support human endeavours or positive social impact while maintaining a reasonable profit expectation. Furthermore, Mac W will dedicate significant resources and funds to Not-For-Profit efforts that align with its own business roots and values.


We like to think of Mac W as a “Mission-based, for-profit group of companies”.








Winston and Dennis’ initial connection was football, both having played at the highest level in the Canadian University system. Dennis and Winston both feel that football is the ultimate team sport. There has to be a plan going into the game, and each play depends on each player being where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to do.

The “I” Formation 

A classic offensive power formation in football is called the “I Formation”. This is where the Quarterback starts directly behind the Centre Lineman while the Halfback and Fullback line up in a row, slightly behind the Quarterback. From the “I Formation” teams can run dozens of effective plays which move the ball and lead to scoring. The essential part is that these key players are all lined up in a row, creating the “I” effect.

What the “I Formation” means to Mac W



We look at the world in a different way and consider new ideas.






We look carefully from a people perspective at infrastructure for a world that is both growing and changing at a rapid pace.






We support our investments with resources beyond just money to ensure their success.






We measure ROI by the positive social impact we create, not just the financial return.






Here are some of the things that we are currently investing in through time, expertise or money


Mac W is currently active in several commodities including metal, cocoa and oil which support local economies and create jobs in international markets.


We are investing in several companies who support either physical and electronic infrastructure that helps people; including cement, refrigeration, fintech and internet security.


Mac W is proud to be working on infrastructure in developing nations to create road and bus networks that open horizons for growth.


Winston Watson 

Founder and President


Winston has always been a driven person with a keen sense for business and ‘what can be’ in life. In 2009, he founded Canadian Rail Collision & Refurbish (CRCR) when he saw a market opportunity to create the first-ever facility dedicated to railcar repairs. Less than three years later, the Toronto-headquartered CRCR had grown rapidly, with two U.S.-based railcar repair facilities (based in Chicago and San Diego), in addition to its Canadian presence. 


His CRCR experience led to opportunities in International markets with railcar service and metal commodities. His integrity and hard work allowed his strong reputation to grow, thus increasing opportunities in different channels 


Winston’s way of seeing things through his unique lens made him realize that somewhere there was a path forward for an even successful business that could help the world in measurable ways. When he re-connected with Dennis Pitselis, the vision for that path forward began to crystalize and the partnership that is now Mac W Inc. was formed.​


With a proven track record of international business success, his entrepreneurial spirit and the competitive drive of a former elite athlete, Winston intends to work with his partner Dennis to drive MAC W to places that they believe no others have ventured before. 

Dennis Pitselis

Chief Operating Officer


As the Chief Operating Officer for Mac W, Dennis oversees the high- level execution of Mac W’s strategy and operations. As a seasoned business veteran with strong history of success in corporate environments as well as an entrepreneur, Dennis sets the bar high every day. He brings not only strong operational expertise but also knowledge of data analytics, change management, relationship management and most importantly, building exceptional corporate culture.


Dennis has pioneered unique marketing initiatives with his own companies as well as implemented successful corporate management strategies for employers and clients. His ability to lead has made him a game changer is the automotive data collection industry, most recently as the Founder and CEO of Zone Marketing.


A large part of the success Dennis enjoys comes from his drive and results orientation. As an accomplished Academic All-Canadian University Quarterback at Concordia, Dennis was the one his teammates wanted at the helm with 2 minutes left in the game when they needed to march down the field and score.


Dennis didn’t care about the stats, he cared only about getting those points and winning the game for his team. His team was his family in football and that remains the same today in business and his personal relationships.



Building a Safer World

Mac W is pleased to have been able to make a significant investment in Renfinity, a leading edge tech company that creates “Secure Solutions for an Insecure World”. For more information click here

Building Buses

Mac W is very proud to be working with both the public and private sector in Ghana to create a Bus assembly and outfitting plant. Not only will this create jobs and further economic value  but also will allow the country and its people to move more effectively and efficiently. All this will improve lives.



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